PostGIS Graduation (was:Re: [Incubator] Incubation meeting 18 - today)

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at
Mon May 21 05:56:55 PDT 2012

> I am in Prague at FOSS4G-CEE and give my keynote during the first slot
> at 3pm and will probably not be able to start a side thread for the
> meeting while I am on stage (though I might try, like: look how OSGeo
> works... :-)

Go for it :-)  
>  Not sure whether I can make it at the late meeting but
> will try anyway. Otoh you do not really need me to propose PostGIS for
> graduation unless there are open questions (which should have been asked
> on the mailing list).

fair enough; often I find some of the IRC meeting is devoted to reading the material and performing spot checks etc…
> It would be great if someone from Incubation could please make the
> motion to propose PostGIS for Graduation if I am not there.

I will add that to the agenda; you can review the meeting logs and decide if you want to attend the "late" meeting.   
> Cheers,
> Arnulf.
> PS:
> CCing the PostGIS Gurus in the hope that someone can join the IRC chat
> tonight and answer to any open questions, see time slots on the Wiki
> page as indicated below.

That would be appreciated.

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