[Incubator] Unresponsive/Inactive Projects

Landon Blake sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 06:37:59 PDT 2014

Incubation Committee:

What happens when we get an inactive or unresponsive project in incubation?

It seems to be a shame to have other projects waiting for an incubation
mentor for months or years while another project isn't moving forward in
the incubation process.

Is there a way we can remedy this? For example: Put an incubation project
on "inactive" status after a certain number of weeks without communication
to the mentor (or actual progress on incubation tasks). Once the project
reconnects with the mentor, they can be taken off inactive status. The
mentor can then decide to work again with the project, or we could put the
project back on the waiting list.

I bring this up because I haven't heard from the OTB folks in quite a
while, even after sending a couple of e-mail messages. I'd rather mentor
another willing project while I wait for them to move forward.

Please share your thoughts. I'm just putting the idea on everyone's radar.


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