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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 13:24:56 PDT 2015

Just going to focus on a couple parts of the email - as I do not want to
make it longer.

And... I hope new persons became part of the project day-to-day, they are
> welcome. But being sincere, does it happen? I don't think in it, I don't
> think that a person dedicates the 100% of his time to a project
> voluntarily. He/she can dedicate partial time depending on their
> professional needs related to the project. In this case, depending on the
> case, and as it has been commented, he/she can become part of decisions
> making.

It does happen - and it is what we want to encourage :) Especially for
longer lived projects such as gvSig - community members may up changing
organizations (or start up their own company etc...).

Still it feels like this discussion may slightly missing what we are
wanting to talk about which is responsibility for gvSig's long term health
and happiness.

In any case, the answer to this paragraph is related to the previous one.
> Existing of a professional structure (to work daily). And here I think we
> can speak about the gvSIG Association, because you are referring to it as
> “single organization”.
> The professional structure is part of the gvSIG Association, that is an
> association of several companies, members and collaborators, and
> non-business entities that provide public support to the project. Entities
> that provide economically to the association to support that professional
> team. And they support because the gvSIG Association generates a business
> model around the free geomatics (not only gvSIG) that becomes a mutual
> profit.
> Association that any entity that want to join to, and achieve the
> regulations, can do it.

If I understand correctly we have a difference between an associating
driving the project, and a technical team responsible for one of the
modules (called "core").

So if the Association is where the action/responsibility are - than that is
what we want to focus on for incubation.

We want to make it clear how gvSig is "run" and document how an
organization (say a university or company) can join the gvSIG association.

It's very different to a “single organization”. In fact, it's the guarantee
> that the project won't be managed by an only organization, with the risks
> that it implies (including the extinction), besides being a safeguard
> against the multinationals that try to approach open source projects with
> business intentions typical of the proprietary software.
> If we study other open source software projects, including geomatics, we
> can see that other projects became a failure precisely because they only
> dealt with the technical part, and a sustainability model wasn't started up
> in order to guarantee its continuity.

We may just have a different language for the same effect. In GeoServer we
have committers (who do the technical day to day running of the project)
and the steering committee (made up of developers, biz representation, and
user group members) responsible for planning and decision making.
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