[Incubator] balance between open source outreach and osgeo incubation

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:06:51 PST 2016

Want to gather the good bits of the "osgeo innovator" thread (sorry the
name was a distraction) to focus on the "new deal" balance we are striking
for OSGeo.

Before we start are there any questions about the balance we are trying for
here? I would like to make sure we are on the same strategic page before
proceeding to details:

*OSGeo Projects: *This is our traditional risk adverse "incubation" process
focused on helping project teams meet our goals as an organization (open
source, transparency, inclusive, low-risk). This process has been setup to
be non invasive (preserving how a community is already functioning) - as
such it offers little tangible guidance on how to meet objectives - only
offering examples and inspiration. Each project finds a different aspect to
work on during incubation - the common theme is that each project has been
improved by going through OSGeo incubation (and the incubation process
improves each time we have a successful graduate).

*OSGeo Technology:* This is the new deal for on-boarding new open source
projects and supporting projects that have been traditionally out of our
reach as a Foundation. Goal here is open-source outreach and being

Not in Scope:
*- *The resulting "OSGeo Technology" and "OSGeo Projects" have the full
support of the foundation behind them - determining what that support is
(and what more the foundation can do) is not the point of this email thread.
- Approach used it out of scope (suffice to say different goals require a
different approach)
- Naming this new initiative has its own email thread.
Jody Garnett
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