[Incubator] PyWPS code contribution agreements

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 12:24:29 PST 2016

> Given this copyright do we still require specific code contribution
> agreements? Guessing yes, but looking for confirmation here.

Yes confirmed. Without a code contribution agreement ... each file should
- (c) The person who first created (note this in the header - example "(c)
2014 Jachym Cepicky")
- Add a (c) line for each person / organization who has modified it

There's the alternative mentionned in
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Incubation_FAQ#Q:_Is_a_code_contribution_agreement_required
> :
> - either each contributor (or depending on the situation: their employer,
> or
> the entity funding the work, etc...) retains his copyright

(this is the option you documented above)

> - either they accept to assign copyright to a single entity such as
> "Copyright
> (C) 2014-YYYY PyWPS Development Team, represented by
> PyWPS Project Steering Committee". But I'm not sure if the later would be a
> valid legal entity that could exercice its rights regarding copyright
> enforcement.

The GeoTools project made this mistake, the code base was always marked
down as "(c) GeoTools PMC" when that was not a legal entity.

You would need to set up a not-for-profit called "PyWPS Development Team".
I recommend using "OSGeo" here - since that is what it is for, and their
are already contribution agreements written.  But no pressure, you may find
it appropriate to use a different legal entity, some of the osgeo chapters
in europe are setup in this respect, I know QGIS recently setup their

Good luck Tom, and thanks for brining the question to the incubation list.
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