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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 23:57:56 PST 2016

Hi Jody,
I agree with your suggestion that "Old OSGeo Labs" need not have an aim 
of entering OSGeo incubation.
However, I object to any project becoming associated with OSGeo without 
it being obvious about the level of quality control the project has gone 

As suggested below, I could knock together 100 lines of uncommented, 
non-working code, give it an open source license, and then add a "OSGeo 
Technology" logo to the home page. And most average punters wouldn't 
know the difference between term "OSGeo Project" and "OSGeo Technology". 
This would result in diminishing the current association between OSGeo 
applications and quality, which would be a bad thing.

I feel "OSGeo Labs", "OSGeo Community Builder Projects", or shortened to 
"OSGeo Builder Projects" are less likely to be confused with "OSGeo 
Incubated" projects.

Warm regards, Cameron

On 4/03/2016 2:13 am, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> +1, I think these changes make a lot of sense and as part of an OSGeo 
> Technology project this feels very inclusive.
> -Steve W
> On 3/3/2016 9:46 AM, Jody Garnett wrote:
>> I would like to change the tone of the page a bit, since it "assumes"
>> incubation ..
>>     /OSGeo Labs is an umbrella for open source geospatial software
>>     projects that would like to become OSGeo projects in the future, but
>>     that aren't ready for incubation quite yet. It is appropriate to
>>     submit your new or experimental project as an OSGeo labs project./
>>     /
>>     /
>>     /The volunteers that work as part of OSGeo Labs have the goal of
>>     helping OSGeo Labs Projects qualify for incubation. To reach this
>>     goal, OSGeo Labs volunteers help OSGeo Labs Projects with the
>>     following tasks:
>>     /
>> Would become:
>>     /Welcome to OSGeo Technology. The projects listed here are part of
>>     the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and range from new
>>     experimental projects to established pillars of our open source
>>     ecosystem./
>>     /
>>     /
>>     /All projects here meet our goals as an organization - they are open
>>     source (no really we checked) and are inclusive and welcoming to new
>>     contributors./
>>     /
>>     /
>>     /Projects that go on to establish excellence in community building,
>>     documentation, and governance can enter our "incubation" program. /
>> I would also lose the "status" conditions seed/seedling/sapling/adult
>> and keep OSGeo Technology focused on the basics (open source &
>> inclusive). The status becomes having the "OSGeo Technology" badge nice
>> and simple.
>> Thinking this through a bit more we have one clear reason for projects
>> to go through with incubation - being recognized by the board and having
>> an OSGeo Officer listed directly for the project, while OSGeo Technology
>> projects "share" an officer (as part of "incubation committee").
>> -- 
>> Jody Garnett
>> On 11 February 2016 at 11:04, Landon Blake <sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
>> <mailto:sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     There is some good information on what we were trying to achieve
>>     with the old OSGeo Labs on the wiki:
>>     https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Labs
>>     I think most of that information on the wiki still applies. This
>>     includes the purpose of labs, how projects get started in labs, what
>>     labs is trying to accomplish, and the criteria to determine if your
>>     project is a good fit for labs.
>>     Does anyone have major heartburn with what is laid out on that wiki
>>     page? (I'll rename the wiki page as soon as we get a new name for 
>> labs.)
>>     Landon
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