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Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Wed Mar 16 15:15:31 PDT 2016

Trying to send it again, as my email seems was blocked before due to
it's size

Speaking as one of the pgRouting team members, the project that got
mentioned a few times already.

There were a few reasons, why pgRouting didn't apply yet for incubation.
One was, that I saw many projects queuing for many months (or even
years) without much sign of incubation activity.
I wasn't sure, if I had enough motivation to continuously push the
process forward, especially as I felt, that very often the limited time
of mentors and project members was a reason not to proceed.

However, pgRouting is not a project scripted on a weekend with no
documentation and community. It's not a baby or pet project and the only
difference I see between an incubated and a non-incubated project is,
that an OSGeo project has been "certified" to meet certain criteria.
It's kind of a quality assurance and brand, that is as strong as the
projects are, which are advertised with this certification. It's also
advertising for OSGeo to have certified these projects.

Personally I would never advertise pgRouting on the website with a
"OSGeo Nurture" logo or something else, that sounds totally immature to
me. Instead I would remove the project from the Wiki the next day such a
name would be decided.

For me "Technology" was the term, that describes it best. The difference
between an OSGeo incubated project and a non-incubated one is the
"Community" is also a good word, that suits well to OSGeo and FOSS4G
I don't really understand how current OSGeo Labs projects would damage
the "certified OSGeo Project" brand, if they would be named "OSGeo
Technology" for example. What damages the brand more  in my opinion are
projects, that passed incubation maybe long time ago and lost popularity
over years and are not very active anymore.

Best regards,

On 16/03/16 13:53, Bruce Bannerman wrote:
> Hi Jody,
> Perhaps:
> OSGeo Hatch  or
> OSGeo Nurture
> or something similar.
> Where emerging projects can develop within a caring family environment.
> Now, what support could we provide?
> Bruce

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