[Incubator] Uber kepler.gl Applying to Join OSGeo as A Community Project

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 15:14:56 PDT 2018

Ziyi Li,
My apologies for the the delay in responding! I did see a discussion via
info at osgeo.org with respect to Kepler.gl but was not sure what came of it,
apparently my email program marked this request as spam :(

I am cutting to the chase, looking at the project GitHub repository (
https://www.osgeo.org/about/committees/incubation/) with respect out the
requirements to be listed on the ogeoo website and joining as a community

For more information:
- Incubation Committee <https://www.osgeo.org/about/committees/incubation/>
- Qualifying As An OSGeo Community Project

*Add to list-of-projects and choose-a-project website*

1) geospatial

As indicated a tool for geospatial analysis.

2) open source license

MIT License: https://github.com/uber/kepler.gl/blob/master/LICENSE

3) accepts contributions

The quick spot check we look for on GitHub is a CONTRIBUTING.md file, this
is shown as potential contributors make a pull-request and indicates a
project has thought through how to work with each other.

Checking the pull-requests (https://github.com/uber/kepler.gl/pulls) it
looks like the team has thought through how to work with external parties,
and I see at least a couple PRs that are not from uber employees so ...

Amusingly one PR is for the file I was seeking -
https://github.com/uber/kepler.gl/pull/108 /

*To join as a community project*

1) geospatial

as above

2) open source license, with source code check of headers

Whle I can do a spot check of headers (all I found were "Copyright (c) 2018
Uber Technologies, Inc" with the full MIT license)... the goal is to ask
your team to do a quick check with sed or similar, and to ask if have
considered how the headers are modified when accepting an external

3) accepts contributions

As above

Jody Garnett

On Thu, 9 Aug 2018 at 11:34, Ziyi Li <zli51 at ext.uber.com> wrote:

> Dear OSGeo Incubation Committee,
> We would like to submit our open source project kepler.gl to be
> considered for becoming a Community Project in OSGeo. Kepler.gl is a
> powerful geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets, open sourced
> by Uber Visualization <http://vis.gl/> team. It empowers people to create
> neat and insightful geo visualizations with little coding needed. You can
> find more details on our project website <http://kepler.gl/#/>.
> Since its opening up to the public, we're seeing a ton of traction from
> various industries and it just got featured on FastCompany here
> <https://www.fastcompany.com/90177575/anyone-can-use-ubers-new-map-making-tool>.
> To bring the development of kepler.gl to the next level, we would really
> appreciate your help in integrating it into the international OS GIS
> community.
> Feel free to let us know if there is any question.
> Sincerely,
> kepler.gl Working Group
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