[Incubator] wradlib osgeo community application

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 11:42:39 PST 2019

As per the other email thread the wradlib project has asked to join the
osgeo community program.

Our existing criteria are (I have filled in links to help us check):

*1. geospatial (we check readme, user guide, etc..)*

- https://www.osgeo.org/projects/wradlib/
- https://github.com/wradlib/wradlib/blob/master/README.md

- perhaps we should ask projects setup an OSGeo website page as part of
applying for OSGeo community program (it is not like we can announce until
they are on the website).

2. open source (we ask project to check license and headers)
- https://github.com/wradlib/wradlib .. any py or sh file I checked had a

- although we can do a sanity check the most important thing is that the
wradlib team checks and sends us an email.

3. participatory (we developers guide, pull requests, contributing.md,
<https://github.com/wradlib/wradlib/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md> ... a
really nice example (with osgeo code of conduct)
<https://github.com/wradlib/wradlib/blob/master/CONTRIBUTORS.txt> ... last
changed 3 years ago?
- Community <http://wradlib.org/wradlib-docs/latest/community.html>

Jody Garnett
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