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From: 	Maria Antonia Brovelli <maria.brovelli at polimi.it>

Dear All, I want to draw your attention to two initiatives that in my 
opinion could be worth for the industry component of OSGeo.

1) I don't know if you are aware that, during the UN-GGIM Forum in New 
York, Jack Dangermond announced the birth of WGIC, which is a Council of 
industries (https://wgicouncil.org/) operating in the geospatial sector. 
  At the moment there are no FOSS4G members and the members are all 
giants of the geospatial world. I wonder if it could be worth your 
presence there or you believe that it is useless or unfeasible. My 
comment is that this is something that has to be discussed, 
independently of the result of the discussion (if being involved or not; 
if being involved as a single company or as a network of companies).

2) ISPRS Congress 2020 (http://www.isprs2020-nice.com/). I was asked by 
the Director of the Congress (Nicolas Paparotidis, who was the co-chair 
of FOSS4G Europe last year with Gerald Fenoy) if we want to organize 
within the exposition an area with open source booths. The cost for the 
booths has to be discussed but he told me that we can agree about 
something similar to the cost at FOSS4G. The advantage is in terms of 
visibility. ISPRS Congress is held every 4 years and it gathers around 
3000 people, in the different fields of survey, photogrammetry, remote 
sensing and GIS.
Ordinary members of ISPRS are those that you can see in the list:

I'm happy to help to discuss with Nicolas, whom I have known very well, 
but I want to have one person from the "OSGeo Industry Network" leading 
this contact.

For the sake of completeness, we were requested also to organize a forum 
about FOSS4 and luckily with respect to that I found volunteers of 
GeoForAll willing to help the organization. But this is easier for me 
and I can lead it without problems. On the opposite, the business part 
with booths and exposition is not my speed and then I need to know
1) if there is an interest
2) who can be the reference for that part.

Thanks a lot for your attention.
As I'm not in the mailing list (thanks Jeff for forwarding), in case you 
want to send me comments, please add to your replies also my email contact.
Best regards,

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