[iTowns-dev] Codesprint - call for reports

Vincent Mora vincent.mora at oslandia.com
Mon Jul 11 03:49:12 PDT 2016


here is my progresses during the sprint:

- fixed warnings and passed warnings as errors (PR #128 merged)

- reworked Thomas PR to homogenize "includes" (PR #131), this needs an
agreement by all (vote in PR) to decide which "include" style should be
used. PLEASE VOTE, such that we can move on.

- worked on testing with node and headless-gl (PR #142 and
wip_offscreen_test branch),
    - I was able to obtain the first image of the globe,
    - there are simple hooks to emulate document and window globals such
that events can be sent to the GlobeAPI.
    - the aim is to make tests that are repeatable and give us
confidence that the code works as expected without opening the browser
and manually testing (which will be less and and less practical as the
number of features



Le 11/07/2016 12:04, Vincent Picavet (ml) a écrit :
> Hi all,
> First of all, thanks for your participation to the Codesprint.
> For those who could not make it, we had a good 3-days session, hosted by
> IGNfab, to work on iTowns.
> The first day was dedicated to clear our development processes and
> improve the way we use collaborative tools.
> Thanks to Thomas for his git course.
> For those who attended the event, it would be great if you can post to
> this list a summary of what you worked on during the codesprint. If you
> have illustrations of your work, send them too ! ( No attachment on the
> list, I can provide access to an upload tool if needed, just ask me).
> We will try to write a full summary of what has been done. This is
> important for the project, to show its dynamism and progress.
> If you took pictures during the sprint, please share them too.
> And thank you to IGN for hosting us ( and the coffee !)
> Given the boost it gives to the project, no doubt we will have another
> codesprint, probably in Automn. Do not hesitate to bring up ideas on how
> to improve the event !
> Vincent
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