[iTowns-dev] Vector (tiles) as background

Jean-Denis Giguère jean-denis at anagraph.io
Thu Apr 20 05:28:49 PDT 2017


We are eagerly waiting for the release of itowns v2.  Il will be really
useful to have access to a great open source library to display 3D
geospatial data at a very fine level of granularity.

The city of Montréal released a high quality dataset of textured 3D
building. We would like to contribute a public use case for itowns2 with
this dataset.

Some recent work with vector tiles shows us that we could get really
interesting results with this technology. We think that this could be
really useful to display vector data using vector tiles in itowns. In our
use case, we would use vector data as background instead of  WM(T)S .

Is there a Provider that can be used to display vector tiles in itowns2?

If there is no direct support for vector tiles, which options are available
to display vector data in other format?
I see that there is KML Provider, but I'm not sure in which branch it is
working properly.

Kind regards,
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