[iTowns-dev] Vector (tiles) as background

Jean-Denis Giguère jean-denis at anagraph.io
Thu Apr 20 19:11:58 PDT 2017


This is a follow up of my experimentation about vector support.

First of all, I would like to thank Jeremy Gaillard, Augustin
Trancart, Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer for their support. They give me
precious hints.

I was able to make some WFS call using the Pierre-Eric's branch
mobile_mapping_wip [1]. I cannot make it work using a plane (itowns.Scene)
instead of a globe (towns.viewer.createSceneGlobe) . I tried to reproduce
the APIGlobe function addFeatureLayer (exposing the updateFeaturesAtNode in
itowns.processing) without success.

In the Jeremy 3d-tiles-refacto branch [2], we have support for SRS, which
is quite useful for local data. I didn't figure out if it is available on
the mobile_mapping_wip branch.

3d_tiles support is awesome! We really enjoy this feature and we hope to
see it in 2.0 release.

My next step would be to drape a simple vector feature on the ground. It
looks like a pretty famiiiar use case. Any hint is welcome!

Kind regards.

[1] https://github.com/peppsac/itowns2/tree/mobile_mapping_wip
[2] https://github.com/Jeremy-Gaillard/itowns2/tree/3d-tiles-refacto

Le jeu. 20 avr. 2017 à 08:28, Jean-Denis Giguère <jean-denis at anagraph.io> a
écrit :

> Greetings!
> We are eagerly waiting for the release of itowns v2.  Il will be really
> useful to have access to a great open source library to display 3D
> geospatial data at a very fine level of granularity.
> The city of Montréal released a high quality dataset of textured 3D
> building. We would like to contribute a public use case for itowns2 with
> this dataset.
> Some recent work with vector tiles shows us that we could get really
> interesting results with this technology. We think that this could be
> really useful to display vector data using vector tiles in itowns. In our
> use case, we would use vector data as background instead of  WM(T)S .
> Is there a Provider that can be used to display vector tiles in itowns2?
> If there is no direct support for vector tiles, which options are
> available to display vector data in other format?
> I see that there is KML Provider, but I'm not sure in which branch it is
> working properly.
> Kind regards,
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