[iTowns-dev] Vector (tiles) as background

Jean-Denis Giguère jean-denis at anagraph.io
Mon Apr 24 19:48:48 PDT 2017

Thank you Gérald!

If I am right, the WFS Provider creates differents 3D geometries that are
added to the scene (Line, Point or 2,5D from building footprint). WM(T)S
provider, on the other hand, creates a texture which is draped on the
(Please correct me if I'm wrong).

Since I'm looking to add a texture to the ground from a vector format, is
it possible that  WMTS_Provider is the closest provider for my need?

Instead of reading a raster, we could draw on a canvas like :
or maybe a little bit more in our geographic related environment :

Best regards,

Le ven. 21 avr. 2017 à 04:29, Gérald Choqueux <gerald.choqueux at ign.fr> a
écrit :

> Hello,
> 2 branches that use the WFS :
> https://github.com/iTowns/itowns2/tree/WFS2_rebased --> There are all
> building in France, and on the city of Lyon you can see datas vector in
> the form of Lines and Points
> https://github.com/iTowns/itowns2/commits/kmlLoader --> There is draping
> a vector feature on the ground. (Example is located in the Alpes). You
> can activate picking zone in GUI.

> Gérald
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