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Augustin Trancart augustin.trancart at oslandia.com
Thu Jun 29 03:13:06 PDT 2017

Yes, agree with the idea of removing other big obsolete files as well.

I'm not too worried about pull/pushes. If we require the files to be removed
before merge, these commits would become unreachable after the force-push, and
would eventually be garbage collected (providing we are careful at removing old

Augustin Trancart - Oslandia
augustin.trancart at oslandia.com

On 29/06/2017 12:03, Thomas Broyer wrote:
> 15 months ago (or so), big files were added to the project and then removed, and
> I also floated the idea of a history rewrite. I never got the "go" so it hasn't
> been done. Iff we go that road for the video file, I suggest we also get rid of
> those old commits.
> I don't have a strong opinion whether this should be done, but it's clear that
> it's now or never.
> I'd suggest we eventually find a way to somehow reject pull requests (we
> apparently can't reject commits/pushes) with big files (or many smaller files!);
> possibly an additional check in Travis, I don't know.
> 2017-06-29 11:32 GMT+02:00 Augustin Trancart <augustin.trancart at oslandia.com
> <mailto:augustin.trancart at oslandia.com>>:
>     Hi there!
>     Quick question with the release in sight: a video of 24M has been added (in
>     aabc913) and removed later (in b321c01) in the repository. This makes the clone
>     of the repository quite long even though the video is not in master any more.
>     Should we rewrite the history to get rid of it?
>     It's possible, but it implies a force-push on master. It means that everybody
>     will need to use "git rebase --onto master <commit-range>" for all their
>     branches after this push is done and force-push them (and maybe a git reset
>     --hard on their local master, I'm not sure how clever git is nowadays).
>     It's a low risk process (we'll keep a copy of the old master around), but it's a
>     bit of a hassle and requires synchronization between us. I believe it is
>     possible, but if we want to do it, we'd better do it now, before success hits us
>     hard and we have thousands of contributors (yeah, I'm an optimistic kind of guy
>     ;-) )
>     Thoughts?
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