[iTowns-dev] Release 2.2.1

Alexandre Devaux Alexandre.Devaux at ign.fr
Tue Feb 20 05:14:51 PST 2018

Hi all!

Following our 2 months release schedule, we propose a minor release with mainly bug fixes and performance improvements before the next more important release in spring.

I propose to release v2.2.1 by the end of the week.

See you soon!

*Here is the changelog for now:

### Breaking change

The geodesic normal in the center of the tile's geometry is aligned with the mesh's local Z axis.
Previously, the tiles were not oriented. their local landmark had the same orientation as the world landmark.
You must take into account the orientation of the tile if you add objects to this tile.

### Bug Fixes

* 3dtiles: fix the sphere bounding volume visualisation in debug mode 
* 3dtiles: SSE computation for spherical bounding volumes 
* core: blending with premultiplied color to transparent color layer 
* core: disable logdepthbuffer if EXT_frag_depth is missing 
* core: error to update OBBHelper 
* core: Prevent to subdivide for poor elevation level 
* core: wrong building 3dTiles's OBB 
* examples: bad orthographic origin 
* examples: make examples test friendly 
* examples: wrong tile matrix limit 
* gis: possibility to set tiled crs 
* gis: update proj4 to 2.4.4 
* GlobeControls: minor debug 
* protocols: avoid to set points's count at zero 
* protocols: determine the correct mimeType when using StaticProvider 
* protocols: stop parsing unnecessarily xbil buffer 
* protocols: wfs, adapt the mesh transformation with the tile space 
* protocols: wrong OBB for 3dTile's region 
* test: !change subdivision count in PLANAR test! 
* wfs: use bigger integer data type for indices array, for THREE.LineSegments. 

### Features

* 3dtiles: add wireframe support for 3dTiles layer, and add wireframe checkbox to 3dTilesDebugUI, visible in the 3dTiles example 
* core: add bounding sphere helper in debug mode 
* core: add event to coordinates helpers 
* core: update to THREE v89 
* examples: add gui debug in planar in debug mode only 
* wfs: Add a debug UI for geometry layer, to change visibility, opacity and toggle wireframe, material size and material linewith 

### Performance Improvements

* core: reduce to obb's highest points for horizon culling 
* examples: increase performance in filtering the duplicates lines 
* examples: increase performance to compute altitude line 
* geometry: avoid useless computation for elevation layers 
* protocols: increase performance to building features

Alexandre Devaux
Chargé d'Etudes et de Recherche
Laboratoire MATIS, IGN
Tel: 01 43 98 85 73

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Today's Topics:

   1. iTowns Code Sprint 2018! (Alexandre Devaux)


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Hi all!

The first iTowns Code Sprint of the year will take place from 26 to 28 March 2018, hosted by IGN at IGNFab space (~Paris)

The page for this event is here :


Please add you name in the wiki page if you plan to attend, with your favorite topics.

Glad to see you in person!



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