[OSGeo-Jobs] Solum needs Software Engineers to help feed the world - Mountain View, CA

Sam Cheng samcheng at solumtech.com
Fri Feb 10 20:20:02 EST 2012

Solum is currently hiring world-class software engineers to develop
back-end and front-end systems to revolutionize agriculture. We build
advanced soil nutrient measurement systems that enable farmers and growers
to get accurate, high-density information on their soils. Farmers can use
this information to apply crop inputs (such as fertilizer) more
efficiently, which can save them a substantial amount of money, increase
their crop yields, and greatly reduce their environmental impact.
We are looking for talented and passionate software engineers to design and
build our data management systems, develop advanced analysis tools to
leverage this data for agricultural management, and create web-based
front-ends for data analysis and visualization. Solum's soil nutrient
measurement technology is the first of its kind to enable high-density,
high-accuracy measurements scalable to millions and millions of acres,
creating a rich set of information to enable quantitative,
information-driven management of farm operations. We are an early stage
company, looking to hire experienced, self-directed developers to design
and build our software platform.

About Solum

Solum is a Khosla Ventures backed company, based in Mountain View,
California, that is developing a scalable measurement platform that will
provide better, faster, higher-density information on millions of acres of
farmland. Our patent-pending system can be used to more efficiently manage
crop inputs, increase crop yields, and dramatically reduce the
environmental impact of farming by reducing fertilizer runoff.

• BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent
• Experience designing and building database back-ends (PostgreSQL, MySQL,
• Experience integrating data from disparate sources
• Experience designing and developing web applications
• Background in analysis and visualization of geo-spatial data a plus
• Python experience a big plus

• Design and develop a custom back-end for handling customer-generated and
internally-generated data
• Design and develop a web-based customer front-end for analysis and
visualization of geo-spatial data
• Internal tool development for advanced data analysis for R&D
• Deployed software for hardware automation and data collection
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