[OSGeo-Jobs] Redefined Horizons Seeks Lead Programmer for Open Source Geospatial Toolkit

Landon Blake sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 12:35:37 PDT 2013

Redefined Horizons is currently seeking a lead programmer for the
development of a new geospatial toolkit at the company. The programmer will
implement the toolkit under the direction of management, but will have the
authority to determine program design, architecture, and implementation
details. The programmer will also play a key role in helping Redefined
Horizons develop services related to the new toolkit.

Redefined Horizons is a staunch advocate of open source software. All of
the software developed as part of this project will be released under the
GPL or LGPL (Version 3). No patents will be enforced by Redefined Horizons
on the technology developed as part of this project.

This position is a part-time position. Remote work (telecommuting) for this
position is fully supported and encouraged. The amount and schedule of
working hours is flexible. Developers who apply for this position should be
US Citizens or have the ability to work in the United States legally.

At a minimum, the lead programmer will possess these essential skills:

-          Java Programming

-          Basic understanding of GIS and related geospatial technologies.

An ideal candidate for the lead programmer will possess these skills:

-          Python Programming

-          Knowledge of Linear Referencing

-          Knowledge of Route Finding/Navigation

-          Knowledge of Cartography

-          Knowledge of Geospatial Topology

-          Knowledge of Inkscape

-          Knowledge of OpenJUMP

-          Experience with Software Development in Eclipse

-          Familiarity With Ubuntu Linux

-          Experience with Subversion and Assembla

If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a resume and
cover letter to Landon Blake by e-mail by September 27, 2013. (
sunburned.surveyor at redefinedhorizons.com) Please highlight your experience
with Java programming and GIS in the cover letter.

Salary for the lead programmer position will depend on the applicant’s
skills and experience.



Owner - Redefined Horizons
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