[Landsat-pds] attachment implications?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Feb 5 10:14:46 PST 2015


Jed posted a pull request a month ago to make the content_disposition
"attachment" for the TIFFs.  This has the nice property of having the
filename included in a mime package so browsers are more likely to preserve
the filename during downloads.  But I was concerned that this repackaged
the whole thing into a mime attachment which would (presumably) interfere
with my range based http get strategy for /vsicurl/ and also implies quite
a bit of marshalling and unmarshalling of the file during delivery which
might have other implications.

Does anyone else have a sense of this?

I suppose I should just test my /vsicurl/ theory.

This came up because I'm trying to get rid of
github.com/warmerdam/landsat_ingestor in favor of the master at
github.com/landsat-pds/landsat_ingestor but there is at least this one pull
request still on my repo.

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