[Landsat-pds] Tiling Scenes

Peter Becker pbecker at esri.com
Thu Feb 5 16:41:25 PST 2015

I noticed that the scenes are currently compressed using Deflate and  a predictor of 2 (horizontal difference).
The deflate brings down the file size, but does not allow sections of the imagery to be read without reading all previous pixels. This will significantly affect performance of any applications that only need to read parts of the image.
I would like to recommend that the following is added to the GDAL_translate command
     -co TILED=YES -co BLOCKXSIZE=512 -co BLOCKYSIZE=512
Tiling will improve access and is a standard part of TIF.
Using a tiling size of 512 is more optimum for storage that has higher latency.
In my tests I noticed a slight (1-2%) decrease in the resulting filesize as well.


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