[Landsat-pds] Subscribing to SNS Landsat notifications via a Lambda function..

Glenn Stowe gstowe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 17:44:27 PST 2017

Anyone from Amazon here?  Not sure if this is the right forum for the
question, but I'm having an issue subscribing to SNS notifications via
the arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:274514004127:NewSceneHTML

All I really want to do is send the notification to my own webhook, but for
some reason you can only send them to SQS or a Lambda function. So I
created a Lambda function to receive the notifications and pass them along
to my webhook.

I'm clicking through the SNS dashboard to add my subscription, entered the
topic ARN for Landsat notifications, selected AWS Lambda, entered the arn
of my function (in the same region as the topic) and clicked Create
Subscription. And I get:

Invalid parameter: TopicArn (Service: AmazonSNS; Status Code: 400; Error
Code: InvalidParameter; Request ID: 4645ae54-9594-5d47-8aef-fcd10994d700)

Any suggestions?
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