[Live-demo] Beta3 iso

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Sep 22 16:42:48 EDT 2009

So I posted my build from last night, not a perfect build but good
enough h to test with. Without errors I think I can turn out builds in
4-5 hours including upload to osgeo.

The problem though is the osgeo server can't serve file bigger than 2GB
due to an apache bug. Temporarily I am seeding a torrent of my iso from
home, if you have access to ssh osgeo you can also pull the iso that way.

I'm calling it Beta3a because it is not the official build coming from
Cameron but it is the same svn lineage/time frame.

Torrent is at,
I updated the index.html in svn put don't have permission to up it on
the server.

I'll try again later today or tomorrow depending on the status of the
scripts. Error logs will be forthcoming, I have to patch together
several since it didn't run all at once.


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