[Live-demo] Localized LiveDVD

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Sun Aug 29 11:41:49 EDT 2010

Hi list,

It's clear to me that most readers of this list have no problem with an
English version of OSGeo LiveDVD.
But our target users -  usually FOSS4G and Ubuntu newbies -, who are not
native English speakers and often have keyboards other than US layout, often
run into troubles without even starting the first application. This is my
personal experience with a few workshops in Japan, where I made use of the
last year's LiveDVD.

I'm planning to use the LiveDVD again for FOSS4G Tokyo/Japan in November and
will also attend Intergeo in Germany in October, where the LiveDVD will be
presented as well (right, Astrid?).
I would like to build localized versions for those conferences, at least for
the Japanese ones, and I wanted to ask if anyone else would be interested.

I think a localized LiveDVD should have:

   - country specific locale, keyboard and time settings
   - translated LiveDVD documentation and welcome message
   - translated menu and shortcut titles (if not too difficult)
   - translated DVD cover/booklet with first instructions

We could organize a BoF (
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2010_Breakout_Sessions) and/or code sprint
session (http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2010_Code_Sprint) at FOSS4G.
Anyone interested?


Georepublic UG & Georepublic Japan
eMail: daniel.kastl at georepublic.de
 Web: http://georepublic.de
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