[Live-demo] gvSIG at OSGeo live 6 package status

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 15:26:03 PDT 2012

On 07/16/2012 01:18 AM, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas wrote:
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> El 16/07/12 00:00, Alex Mandel escribió:
>> On 07/15/2012 02:42 PM, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm CCing this message to the gvSIG TSC to let them know about
>>> this topic.
>>> As I've found some problems running gvSIG 1.12RC on the OSGeo
>>> Live beta 1 (GUI completely blocks after loading any data) and
>>> being over the feature freeze deadline we don't have more time
>>> for testing so I've managed to update the gvSIG 1.11 debian
>>> package to work on this release.
>>> - The debian package now also accepts openjdk-7-jre as a
>>> dependency as well as openjdk-6-jre and sun-java6-jre
>>> - I've tweaked the initial script to load the OSGeo Live sample
>>> project on the gvSIG startup.
>>> - I've updated the new gvSIG small icons[1]
>>> So I've uploaded the changes on the install script as well as
>>> some minor changes on the sample project (#8109 and #8110).
>>> I have no way to upload the debian package (150MB) to the new
>>> gvSIG downloads repo (I'm waiting for the permissions) nor any
>>> other reliable space (I'm on holidays so no support from
>>> Prodevelop right now also).
>>> I've uploaded the deb package to Dropbox[2](#8111) and updated
>>> the script with that link but I would prefer if at least for this
>>> release OSGeo can host the file and then update accordingly the
>>> script.
>>> Of course the dropbox url can fail at any time depending on how
>>> many downloads the link has; that's why I've added a note so the
>>> script will fail until the correct url is updated.
>>> I will be available tomorrow Monday and maybe on Tuesday by mail
>>> (maybe also by irc) but from then and to the end of the month I
>>> won't be available so I hope we have time to update the script
>>> and be tested before the release.
>>> I'm really sorry for the short times and I would of course
>>> understand if gvSIG can't enter on this release of the LiveDVD.
>>> Best regards
>>> [1]
>>> http://outreach.gvsig.org/spread/normalized-gvsig-small-icons
>>> [2]
>>> https://dl.dropbox.com/s/8h0lm1gewzvuage/gvsig_1.11-1305_i386_OSGeoLive.deb?dl=1
>> A copy is being moved to
>> http://download.osgeo.org/livedvd/data/gvsig/ That can be the
>> official place to get it. Angelos mentioned he pulled a copy to his
>> build server too.
>> Thanks, Alex
> Hi thank you Alex and Angelos for your fast response.
> For the next release I will have a proper place at our servers at
> gvSIG devel platform so I don't have to bother you with this.
> For the records, Angelos is telling me on the IRC that the package
> seems to work and there are only (apparently) minor cosmetic problems.
> Best regards
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Yes the problem is fixed and tested.

I restored gvsig installation in main.sh and going to close #916


Angelos Tzotsos
Remote Sensing Laboratory
National Technical University of Athens

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