[Live-demo] [udig-devel] uDig in OSGeoLive 6.0 without JAI

edgar.soldin at web.de edgar.soldin at web.de
Mon Jul 23 11:49:58 PDT 2012

On 23.07.2012 20:21, Angelos Tzotsos wrote:
> Hi Jody,
> On 07/23/2012 08:36 AM, Jody Garnett wrote:
>>> We have 2 options:
>>> 1. find a way for uDig to load JAI through a custom directory (even
>>> though an export LD_LIBRARY_PATH for a custom path did not work in Ubuntu)
>> Do you have a link to what you tried in this respect?
>> We have an outstanding change request to package the binaries up inside uDig; this would prevent them being shared with other applications
>> on the disk; and would result in uDig shipping a second copy of GDAL. While this is smaller then uDig having its own JRE; it would be preferable from a size point of view if you could get the script to work.
> I moved the jai binaries and jars into a custom folder under udig.
> Then I added this line on start of udig.sh, right under the gdal line:
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/udig/jai/ext/

this should probably be


as you most likely want to keep the old values (notice the dollar sign) but want to prefer the ones you put into path (reversed order)


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