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Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Fri Aug 4 16:34:28 PDT 2017

HI Jody, All -
  In the past with OSGeo-Live, I have described the Mission Statement 
in three parts:
Reference Install ;  Showcase for Projects  ;  well-chosen (curated) examples
  WIth the release of Live 11 and the massive advance in Debian 
packaging, I believe the future is not one project. 
This can be seen as "evolution" .. it is natural for a large and mature 
project to split .. 
  Website ;  Server Edition  ;  Desktop Linux
   with the new OSGeo web site development.. somehow I realized that the 
docs from OSGeo-Live should be the same docs in the new OSGeo web site. 
Rebuilding docs is too much work, and too many parts, to duplicate. Instead,
build once and deploy in several contexts. 
  credit to Angelos Tzotsos and Debian Developer Sebastian Couwenburg
The "server edition" of OSGeo-Live is simply UbuntuGIS PPA,
with DebianGIS aka pkg-grass as the "upstream" in many cases.. 
  that leaves "desktop Linux" Ubuntu.. what remains of the OSGeo-Live. 
Critically speaking, it has been twenty years (or more) that I have 
been active,
of promises of "desktop Linux" .. in fact, Windows and phones have spread,
with some percentage of Mac OSX from Apple in various demographic groups. 
Web browsing is constant, phone use is constant and climbing, and .. no 
revolution with Linux of any kind.  OSGeo-Live right now, is basically 
desktop Linux. 
 Another note on Ubuntu.. as people likely know, the number one cloud 
VM instance
is Ubuntu.. and last I heard, Google uses an Ubuntu fork for much 
within its cloud walls. 
The "server edition" of OSGeo-Live is.. Ubuntu packaging.. this bodes well.. 
I am interested in participating in a BOF, but from my point of view, I 
think we should
consider the OSGeo-Live 11 as somewhat an "end of an era" .. and move forward
with eyes open to new, productive avenues for valuable efforts. 
  best regards from Berkeley, California
   -Brian M Hamlin

On Fri, 4 Aug 2017 15:41:07 -0700, Jody Garnett 
<jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:

Is anyone up for an OSGeo Live BOF: 
Also I finally uploaded photos with the OSGeo-Live team from foss4ge:
(example|example|group). Could I ask the team to select one of these 
for a group photo for the new website?
Had a productive meeting with the graphics designer about subbrands on 
wednesday - and had a good ideas for us to try out: rather than reuse 
the circle, reuse the small compass shape. Tried putting the compass 
shape in a computer logo and the result looked like what OSGeo-Live is. 
Also did one putting the heart in a computer frame as a reference. 
Jody Garnett


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