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I personally don't like the blue heart.

On Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 11:54 AM, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com>

> Cameron we have to move on to other topics with the graphics designer as
> there are only a few more weeks on this contract. Indeed we have been back
> to this topic four times ironing out how distinct brands can work for
> OSGeo:UK and OSGeo Live. See the rest of this thread on the marketing email
> list for a discussion on remaining priorities (By CCing marketing you have
> quickly brought to light an issue for discussion - but the osgeo-live email
> list subscribers will not be able to follow along.)
> The style guide outlines:
> 1) osgeo mark and logo
> 2) sub brands - use the osgeo mark with different text (two presentations
> are available to allow for OSGeo:UK style)
> And then:
> 3) distinct brands - use their own mark. Distinct marks are able to use
> the color and fonts and some branding elements to be visually part of OSGeo
> (but because they use their own mark they are forming a distinct  brand)
> There are some outstanding items for the style guide around distinct brand
> examples, and around photography selection based on color palette. You can
> provide your feedback directly in innovision to work directly with the
> graphics designer - but as above we have some higher priority items.
> Cameron if we can really focus this thread on the definition of a new
> OSGeo Live logo it would be great, this is why I started the thread on this
> email list.
> Additional comments inline:
> --
> On 26 August 2017 at 11:03, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Eg: Spanish logo: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Ca
>> p%C3%ADtulo_Local_de_la_comunidad_hispanohablante
> Using the above breakdown this is a distinct brand (quick check is that it
> uses its own mark).
>> For OSGeo-Live, I'm expecting we will want to work out a way to weave a
>> heart (or some other image aligned with "live") into the logo somehow. We
>> may want to retain the blue heart. That should be ok and up to us to do a
>> good job of deciding that.
> Indeed that is why I started this email thread.
> Personally I think the blue heart is ... terrible. It does not communicate
> what you think it communicates. For starters a blue heart is a symbol to
> represent on life support (blue heart is starved for oxygen). The good
> thing about the blue heart is the sense of attachment our team has to it :)
> Still the heart communicates:
> - affection / love
> - live? not so much for me. Perhaps "alive" if it was a red heart.
> The "Live" in OSGeo live has a couple meanings:
> - Live bootable image you can run, or live VM you can run
> - Live as in current up to date examples of the software
> I like the proposed "osgeo compass in a computer frame" as it communicates
> that "bootable" aspect of OSGeo Live. I think this is an important point,
> perhaps the important point, to emphasis about the project.
> I have been using VMs for a couple OSGeo workshops and often it is
> participants first experience using a virtual machine. Indeed this feature
> of trying out the software without install was novel. I also ran into
> people at CalGIS who could not accept a USB stick at foss4g due to company
> policy, everything had to be downloaded.
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