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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 09:54:25 PDT 2017

Cameron we have to move on to other topics with the graphics designer as
there are only a few more weeks on this contract. Indeed we have been back
to this topic four times ironing out how distinct brands can work for
OSGeo:UK and OSGeo Live. See the rest of this thread on the marketing email
list for a discussion on remaining priorities (By CCing marketing you have
quickly brought to light an issue for discussion - but the osgeo-live email
list subscribers will not be able to follow along.)

The style guide outlines:

1) osgeo mark and logo
2) sub brands - use the osgeo mark with different text (two presentations
are available to allow for OSGeo:UK style)

And then:

3) distinct brands - use their own mark. Distinct marks are able to use the
color and fonts and some branding elements to be visually part of OSGeo
(but because they use their own mark they are forming a distinct  brand)

There are some outstanding items for the style guide around distinct brand
examples, and around photography selection based on color palette. You can
provide your feedback directly in innovision to work directly with the
graphics designer - but as above we have some higher priority items.

Cameron if we can really focus this thread on the definition of a new OSGeo
Live logo it would be great, this is why I started the thread on this email

Additional comments inline:
On 26 August 2017 at 11:03, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>

> Eg: Spanish logo: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Cap%C3%ADtulo_Local_de_la_
> comunidad_hispanohablante
Using the above breakdown this is a distinct brand (quick check is that it
uses its own mark).

> For OSGeo-Live, I'm expecting we will want to work out a way to weave a
> heart (or some other image aligned with "live") into the logo somehow. We
> may want to retain the blue heart. That should be ok and up to us to do a
> good job of deciding that.
Indeed that is why I started this email thread.

Personally I think the blue heart is ... terrible. It does not communicate
what you think it communicates. For starters a blue heart is a symbol to
represent on life support (blue heart is starved for oxygen). The good
thing about the blue heart is the sense of attachment our team has to it :)

Still the heart communicates:
- affection / love
- live? not so much for me. Perhaps "alive" if it was a red heart.

The "Live" in OSGeo live has a couple meanings:
- Live bootable image you can run, or live VM you can run
- Live as in current up to date examples of the software

I like the proposed "osgeo compass in a computer frame" as it communicates
that "bootable" aspect of OSGeo Live. I think this is an important point,
perhaps the important point, to emphasis about the project.

I have been using VMs for a couple OSGeo workshops and often it is
participants first experience using a virtual machine. Indeed this feature
of trying out the software without install was novel. I also ran into
people at CalGIS who could not accept a USB stick at foss4g due to company
policy, everything had to be downloaded.
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