[Lizmap] First tests with lm 3.4.0rc1

Etienne Trimaille etienne.trimaille at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 09:21:30 PST 2020

Good evening,

We have just released a Release Candidate today.

Le jeu. 26 nov. 2020 à 18:05, Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it> a
écrit :

> Time Manager, that does not recognize my dates [invalid date] (same
> project in 3.3 works well).

Where is it written "invalid dates" ? Can you file a ticket instead of
here? We would need more info to debug if needed, like postgis, geopackage
? What kind of field ? (timestampz etc)

> Also plots don't work.
Should I upgrade the cfg as well?

Yes, definitely regarding your problems about TimeManager and Dataviz.
The plugin is responsible for writing the CFG file, so your CFG might be
broken for LWC 3.4 (because you don't have all required information in the
CFG file).

These two tools, Dataviz and TimeManager, have changed a lot during the 3.4
development, so way better to regenerate the CFG file. (maybe make a backup
first ?)

> Is the install procedure different, involving also a server plugin?

Like other QGIS Server plugin, it's not mandatory, but just nice to have :
* Atlas Print, WfsOutputExtension, Lizmap QGIS Server.

In the QGIS Desktop plugin, there is one feature where it's written that
the Lizmap QGIS Server is required.
And if you want QGIS expressions to be evaluated in forms, then yes, you
must install it.

Thanks all for this great job.

See you soon for the final release hopefully.

> Cheers.
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