[Lizmap] First tests with lm 3.4.0rc1

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Thu Nov 26 09:33:01 PST 2020

Hi Etienne,

Il 26/11/20 18:21, Etienne Trimaille ha scritto:
> Good evening,
> We have just released a Release Candidate today.

yes, this is what I'm testing

> Le jeu. 26 nov. 2020 à 18:05, Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it
> <mailto:cavallini at faunalia.it>> a écrit :
>     Time Manager, that does not recognize my dates [invalid date] (same
>     project in 3.3 works well).
> Where is it written "invalid dates" ? Can you file a ticket instead of
> here? We would need more info to debug if needed, like postgis,
> geopackage ? What kind of field ? (timestampz etc)

sure, before filing a ticket I wanted to know if this is expected given
that I did not upgrade the cfg

>     Also plots don't work.
>     Should I upgrade the cfg as well?
> Yes, definitely regarding your problems about TimeManager and Dataviz.
> The plugin is responsible for writing the CFG file, so your CFG might be
> broken for LWC 3.4 (because you don't have all required information in
> the CFG file).

ok, so I'll test this before ticketing

> These two tools, Dataviz and TimeManager, have changed a lot during the
> 3.4 development, so way better to regenerate the CFG file. (maybe make a
> backup first ?)
>     Is the install procedure different, involving also a server plugin?
> Like other QGIS Server plugin, it's not mandatory, but just nice to have :
> * Atlas Print, WfsOutputExtension, Lizmap QGIS Server.
> In the QGIS Desktop plugin, there is one feature where it's written that
> the Lizmap QGIS Server is required.
> And if you want QGIS expressions to be evaluated in forms, then yes, you
> must install it.

quite clear, thanks.
perhaps it is worth to upgrade the INSTALL.md?

Paolo Cavallini
www.faunalia.eu - QGIS.org
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