[Lizmap] Lizmap 3.4 coming soon, time to translate the plugin ...

Etienne Trimaille etrimaille at 3liz.com
Tue Oct 20 11:50:39 PDT 2020


The release of Limap Web Client 3.4 is coming very shortly. We are about to
release the first beta version in the coming hours.

To prepare the release of the final version, we have added strings related
to the QGIS plugin on Transifex.


If you start translating the plugin, you will have some insights about the
new features coming soon in LWC 3.4. New strings are about snapping, time
manager and mostly about dataviz !

Translation about the web client itself is also available on Transifex.

As a friendly reminder, Lizmap has its own dedicated Twitter account :
https://twitter.com/LizmapForQgis to follow the project.



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