[Lizmap] Fwd: Variable domainName

Nuno Silva nuno.box at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 06:07:23 PST 2021

I have 3 possible domains and 1 direct access that can be used to access
Lizmap, so I do really want to keep this variable with no value...I already
saw that localconfig.ini.php has a line with domainName= , I forced
domainName="", domainName= ´´ , but after running the PHP installer, after
the first project is added, I always end up with then domainName =>
'lizmap' on temp folder files....

Like I said, I run Lizmap on a docker container, the first step is a direct
access to docker server and container port for customization and when the
presentation is finished my team gives the OK to be published ...so at
least there are 2 sets of temp files (the one with the direct access to the
container and another one with the final URL publication)

I used to have this problem when I uploaded images, the image URL always
was http://lizmap/... then found out that on the temp folder I could change
this...so far it's a one time operation, but if I want a massive deploy of
lizmaps instances, I'll have to do this every time on each one of them
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