[Lizmap] Fwd: Variable domainName

Laurent Jouanneau ljouanneau at 3liz.com
Wed Mar 10 00:40:43 PST 2021

I think you should mount a volume on the temp directory, so its content 
is not into the image, but outside the image. Then when you create a new 
container, you have a clean temp directory. Or, each time the container 
is starting, it should remove all content from the temp directory, as we 
do in the official docker image of lizmap.

Jelix/Lizmap really need domainName (by reading it from the 
configuration, or by reading PHP variables), especially if it is in a 
container or a server behind a frontend, else it couldn't generate url 

Le 08/03/2021 à 15:07, Nuno Silva a écrit

> I have 3 possible domains and 1 direct access that can be used to 
> access Lizmap, so I do really want to keep this variable with no 
> value...I already saw that localconfig.ini.php has a line with 
> domainName= , I forced domainName="", domainName= ´´ , but after 
> running the PHP installer, after the first project is added, I always 
> end up with then domainName => 'lizmap' on temp folder files....
> Like I said, I run Lizmap on a docker container, the first step is a 
> direct access to docker server and container port for customization 
> and when the presentation is finished my team gives the OK to be 
> published ...so at least there are 2 sets of temp files (the one with 
> the direct access to the container and another one with the final URL 
> publication)
> I used to have this problem when I uploaded images, the image URL 
> always was http://lizmap/. <http://lizmap/.>.. then found out that on 
> the temp folder I could change this...so far it's a one time 
> operation, but if I want a massive deploy of lizmaps instances, I'll 
> have to do this every time on each one of them

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