[Lizmap] Locate by layer shift

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Mar 10 06:50:02 PST 2021

Apparently the problem does lie in proj4php:
We're back to the original step.

Il 24/02/21 20:04, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I have done some more work on the issue. It is clear that it is caused
> by the lack of the +towgs84 parameter in proj4php
> Probably adding it to the definitions is enough, but I cannot find the
> right way to do that.
> Cheers.
> Il 06/05/20 17:59, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
>> Ticket opened:
>> https://github.com/3liz/lizmap-web-client/issues/1624
>> I'm available for further tests.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Il 06/05/20 16:01, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I confirm this problem also with other servers and projects, e.g.:
>>> search e.g. for strada VIA BATTISTI CESARE
>>> Should I open a ticket?

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