[Lizmap] Popup - field with null values

G. Wagner, Wagner-IT info at wagner-it.de
Fri May 7 04:03:02 PDT 2021



the topic of fields with empty values has already been discussed on github
[#1632, #1657]

In version 3.3.11 (with QGIS server 2.18.28) the empty attribute data (NULL,
"") are not shown in the info window:

In version 3.3.15 (with QGIS server 2.18.28) they are listed:
https://wagner-it.de/download/lizmap/popup_with_null_values_in_3_3_15.jpg )

Is this intentional in 3.3.15 or a bug?

Is there anywhere to set this?
I would prefer the variant of 3.3.11, or the possibility of setting.

Best regards




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