[Lizmap] theme selection in the Lizmap-client.

G. Wagner, Wagner-IT info at wagner-it.de
Wed Feb 2 03:18:38 PST 2022

Hi all,


with pleasure I saw that the theme selection (compilation of different active layers) is taken over in the Lizmap client.

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work for me yet (see example [1] with Lizmap 3.5.1). Individual layers are not deactivated and others not activated when switching.

Is there anything special to be considered? Unfortunately I found nothing in the help.


For these themes I have created the plugin "ThemeSelector" in QGIS especially by Werner Macho, so that you can manage the themes in a separate window.


But I have another suggestion:

The collapse and expand layer groups is great in the WebClient but I miss it very much in the Lizmap plugin. Here I often have a lot of layers that are grouped but the scrolling is tedious.

Wouldn't a collapse button be useful here?




Al the best.





[1] https://mapproxy.webgis.biz




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