[Lizmap] QGIS-Plugin-Manager and Lizmap plugin 3.7.1

Immo Blecher immo at blecher.co.za
Fri Feb 18 01:44:02 PST 2022

Hi All,

I have installed the plugin manager and installed the wfsOutputExtension 
and Lizmap plugins on the server, but it makes no difference. Do I need 
to activate the plugins or something?

wfsOutputExtension still only has the two default export formats and 
Server information shows

*We cannot get the details about your QGIS Server installation (version, 
plugins, etc.).*
/QGIS Server returns an HTTP error about the Lizmap plugin: 200/

Any help would be appreciated.


On 2022/01/24 12:21, Etienne Trimaille wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> French version below
> Last week, we have released 2 versions.
> - The first one is a new version of the Lizmap plugin for QGIS Desktop 
> 3.7.1.
> When you are using Lizmap Web Client 3.5.1-pre, you are able to 
> display the QGIS Server version and also plugins installed on QGIS 
> Server. You can see the screenshot on 
> https://twitter.com/etrimaille/status/1484485192895115265
> - The second one is a tool for system administrators. We have created 
> a tool to help you to install and upgrade QGIS Server plugins. You can 
> read our blog post : 
> https://www.3liz.com/en/news/qgis-plugin-manager.html for more 
> information.
> Regards,
> La semaine dernière, nous avons fait 2 nouvelles versions :
> - la première concerne l'extension Lizmap pour QGIS Bureautique 3.7.1.
> Si vous utilisez Lizmap Web Client 3.5.1-pre, vous pouvez afficher la 
> version de QGIS Serveur ainsi que les extensions qui sont sur le 
> serveur. Vous pouvez voir la capture d'écran sur 
> https://twitter.com/etrimaille/status/1484485192895115265
> - la seconde concerne un outil pour les administrateurs système. Nous 
> avons fait un outil pour aider l'installation et la mise à jour des 
> extensions sur QGIS Serveur. Vous pouvez lire notre article de blog 
> https://www.3liz.com/news/qgis-plugin-manager.html pour plus 
> d'informations.
> Cordialement,
> -- 
> Etienne Trimaille
> Ingénieur géomaticien
> www.3liz.com <http://www.3liz.com>
> +33 6 12 93 11 39
> *Siège social*
> 73, allée Kleber
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> 34000 Montpellier
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