[Lizmap] Behavior of popup when using relations in Lizmap Web Client

Zizi Jama mazizi.jama at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 01:31:13 PST 2022


I have defined a relation between a spatial layer and an attribute table,
both in a Postgis database.

In QGIS clicking a feature with the identify tool one is able to see the
spatial layer (parent) and its related attribute table (child).

Publishing this using Lizmap plugin
1. enabling popup and display related children for the spatial layer and
popup source is auto.
2. enabling popup for the attribute layer and popup source is auto

Clicking a feature in Lizmap Web Client, I only get a popup for the spatial
layer and not the related attribute table.

Using the data icon and selecting a feature I am able to view the related
record when using toggle children table.

I am not sure why this is happening - but I see 400 status ([HTTP/1.1 400
Bad Request 26ms]) in developer tools for POST
the request parameter is

Any pointers on how to proceed are appreciated.
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