[Lizmap] Small photo clips in QGIS to Lizmap web

Marin M marin.mirosevic at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 00:54:06 PDT 2022


I am trying to transfer small photo clips which I have in QGIS. I gained
them there by using in Settings - Symbology -Raster Image Marker

There i have selected  - Data defined override-Edit- 'file:///' ||
"photo1". Then I got a Clip as on the snapshot. "photo1" is the name of the
attribute field holding the path to clips/snapshots/photos.

However when I transfer this to LIZMAP web, there I see the Question marks
but I want to see the same as in QGIS clips (small photos), as rounded in
red on  the attachment

I tried also "store data in the project (Settings - Symbology -Raster Image
Marker) but  this gives  attribute file name  similar to
"auxillary_storage_symbol_name" which is string but limited to length 50

Any advice about clips (icon) photos QGIS to LIZMAP?


Marin Mirosevic
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