[Lizmap] Small photo clips in QGIS to Lizmap web

René-Luc Dhont rldhont at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 07:22:21 PDT 2022

Hi Marin,

The expression 'file:///' || "photo1" seems to signify that the field 
"photo1" stored full path and not relative path from project. Because 
the way file will be stored on server may be different.

You have to store in field "photo1" the relative path from project then 
to use this expression : @project_folder || '/' || "photo1"



Le 04/07/2022 à 09:54, Marin M a écrit :
> hi,
> I am trying to transfer small photo clips which I have in QGIS. I 
> gained them there by using in Settings - Symbology -Raster Image Marker
> There i have selected  - Data defined override-Edit- 'file:///' || 
> "photo1". Then I got a Clip as on the snapshot. "photo1" is the name 
> of the attribute field holding the path to clips/snapshots/photos.
> However when I transfer this to LIZMAP web, there I see the Question 
> marks but I want to see the same as in QGIS clips (small photos), as 
> rounded in red on the attachment
> I tried also "store data in the project (Settings - Symbology 
> -Raster Image Marker) but  this gives attribute file name  similar to 
> "auxillary_storage_symbol_name" which is string but limited to length 50
> Any advice about clips (icon) photos QGIS to LIZMAP?
> regards
> Marin Mirosevic
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