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Marin M marin.mirosevic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 06:54:52 PDT 2022


I wonder about transifex projects and jelix on lizmap

I see that the easiest to translate a given language is  to put lang=sv_SE,for
example, at the end of the url.

Also there are given percentages of how much is translated and there is
norwegian language given although with 7 procent


Now here under setting language
https://docs.lizmap.com/3.4/en/install/configuration.html , I don't see
Norwegian , Available language into Lizmap are: fr_FR, en_US, it_IT, es_ES,
eu_ES, pt_PT, el_GR, de_DE, pl_PL, ru_RU, fi_FI, gl_ES, sv_SE, nl_NL,
ro_RO, hu_HU

Is there a way to include norwegian on the list this , despite the low
percentage is translated, if so, how?

best regards,

Marin Mirosevic
+47 90 96 75 11
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