[Lizmap] Half-automatic transfer over FTP

Etienne Trimaille etrimaille at 3liz.com
Mon Oct 17 08:34:43 PDT 2022

Hi everyone,

This email only concerns people using FTP to transfer QGS and CFG files.

We started an early prototype for FTP "half-automatic transfer" over FTP 
for QGS and CFG files in the next version of the Lizmap QGIS plugin.

Only QGS and QGS.CFG files are sent to the server. For other data, a FTP 
client is still needed.

This tool is located in the "Map options" of the plugin.

For the "directory", it's the folder on the server where to copy these 
files. We can see this folder on Filezilla, WinSCP, for instance 

You need to click the "Check" button to check your credentials are OK.

Then, both checkboxes "Auto save the QGIS project" and "Transfer 
automatically" must be checked. Then, the synchronization will be done 
after "Apply" or "Ok".

We only care about QGS and CFG files, because they are the most often 
edited files. And it saves a lot of time when we do not need to 
drag&drop files in the FTP client.

We are aware of limitations of such implementation in the current state 
of the plugin :

- credentials are lost when you close QGIS. This is on purpose, until we 
decide where and how to store these new settings and mainly how to make 
the UI better and clear. We do not want to make the plugin a FTP client.

- Credentials, FTP host etc are temporarily located in this "Map 
options" panel. In the final version, this will be hopefully stored in 
the "Server" table. It would be nice to set up FTP information side by 
side with the linked Lizmap Web Client server URL 
(by the way, the URL, login and password will be soon required, so you 
better fill login and password now ;-) )

- Port 21 only for now

We are keen to have feedback about this feature. You can download the 
ZIP on our package server. It has been tested with our hosting 
infrastructure lizmap.com. So maybe there are some errors on other FTP 
servers. Please write to me (off this mailing list) about possible 
Python error otherwise, share your feedback here ;-)

Direct ZIP link : 

Then in the QGIS plugin manager, choose "install from ZIP"

Or https://packages.3liz.org/pub/lizmap-qgis-plugin/unstable/plugins.xml 
if you want to add a new "Repository" to follow our development.



Etienne Trimaille
www.3liz.com <http://www.3liz.com>

*Tel.* 06 12 93 11 39
31, rue de l'Argenterie
34000 Montpellier
*Siège social*
73, allée Kleber
Boulevard de Strasbourg
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