[Lizmap] External Web Services to Lizmap Maps?

Peter Berger peter.berger at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 27 23:48:13 PDT 2023



Using WMS, etc layers is no problem with Lizmap. But you have to enable it in QGIS properties and the qgis server must have access to the WMS server (mostly access to the Internet).




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Hi all,


I currently have a map with a geopackage layer (works fine), postgis layer (works fine), and pg_tileserv layer (does not work fine). The first two load in through lizmap no problem. Does anyone know if it's possible to add in external web-based services (WMS, Vector Tile layers, REST services, etc.) and publish the map via lizmap to the web?


I feel like this is probably supported in some capacity and that I'm just missing the process in the docs somehow...




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