[Lizmap] Lizmap : enforce update Qgis server lizmap plugin toward 2.7.1 ?

celati Laurent laurent.celati at gmail.com
Tue May 2 07:59:23 PDT 2023

On Debian, I installed Qgis server 3.30, Qgis_server_lizmap plugin 2.7.0
and Lizmap_client 3.6.3.
Here are the error/log messages I got:
QGIS Server is correctly installed and returns an expected response for OGC

We cannot have the details on the installation of your QGIS server
(version, extensions etc.).
You need to check the following points:
-The Lizmap extension for QGIS server is installed on the server with a
version greater than or equal to 2.7.1
-The environment variable described in the documentation link below is set
correctly in your configuration.
QGIS Server returns HTTP error about Lizmap plugin: Unknown
-Your logs (logs) do not contain warnings about the Lizmap extension for
QGIS server (uploading and loading this page). You may need to increase the
logging level.

The problem is that via the qgis plugin manager, when I make an update, it
does not update from 2.7.0 to 2.7.1. It tells me that 2.7.0 is suitable for
qgis server 3.30. But it does not look at the non compatibility with
lizmap_client 3.6.3. How to do in this case to force the update with
qgis-plugin-manager or via another method?
Regarding my 2 other error messages, could someone explain what I should do
regarding the definition of the environment variable? How should I define
this variable?

If anyone thinks they can help me? Thanks.
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