Christoph Ratke ratke at
Wed Apr 5 09:49:36 EDT 2006

Hi List,

I have running a mapbender-2.2.2. All in all it is working fine but I 
have some smaller problems I cannot solve alone.

One thing is that the sandclock (javascripts/mod_sandclock2.php) tool is 
not working correctly. It is displaying the load progress correctly 
with  the exception of one raster layer which usually needs some seconds 
to be loaded completely (sometimes even more than ten seconds). It is a 
layer with a certain maxscale. I played around with minWait and maxWait 
but that did not solve the problem.

I could not find something wrong in the code. The behaviour was the same 
in  Firefox, IE, Opera, Konqueror on both Suse and win2k.

Did anybody had a problem like this?
Thanks in  advance,

Christoph Ratke
GeoInformationsDienst GmbH
Götzenbreite 10
37124 Rosdorf
Fon:    ++49-(0)551-78904-25
eMail:  ratke at

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