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Hi all,
Uli requests for legal advice on the following external libraries:
Could you please comment.

== Report to the Committee ==
This is an informal update of the PSC to the Incubator Committee.

Mapbender code has been cleaned out (some documentation is still 
missing). It is very clean (this is the first time that we sort of are a 
little proud of this. Weird :-).

We are about to dump the code into SVN  and will then continue with 
review. When that is done it will be possible to lock code for editing 
which helps to spread the code review across several developers better.

We have decided to leave the history behind at SourceForge as it will 
stay available there until the end of days. As we have cleaned out the 
code and merged two branches some months ago we do not expect any larger 

I could not yet beat any final statement out of all contributors 
regarding copyright or adopting an OSGeo license OSGeo foundation. Seems 
like they feel that as I am part of the OSGeo AND Mapbender PSC sofa I 
will take care of everything. They don't seem to think or even talk 
about it. And obviously they also won't listen to me. So I need to 
expose them a bit to the official nature of this process.

Hello dear developers, come and join us. :-)

Thank you,

Hi Mapbender contributors,
could you please look into your modules. As an example look at this very 
  minor issue (some formatting):

What else has to be done? Read the Wiki:

Then go to:
and do wht you learned from Code_Provenance_Review. If you are unclear, 
go ask at dev at

Obviously you will need to double check whether any of your great 
inventions has been covered by a patent in the past 70 years. Document 
all of this in the Wiki. I have started on /http/classes but noticed 
that what I took to be the contributor seems to be the latest committer. 
Correct this please.

Surf the Wiki and peek into what the other projects are up to if you 
feel the need. Hook into this incubator list (now!).


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