Incubation Proces Update

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Tue Apr 11 12:22:16 EDT 2006

quick update on incubation of Mapbender. There was an InCom meeting on 
IRC yesterday, find the minutes here:

The most best news for us is this one:

Paul Spencer was appointed Mentor for the Mapbender project.

So please everybody welcome Paul, he will be responsible if we don't 
make it into OSGeo as a full fledged process (I can send you his swiss 
number account off list). You find him as pagameba (whats that?).

He is alone:

But loved by all:

I suggest we let the mentor guidelines develop some more.

Maybe he will want to address a few words at us (to us?) to explain what 
he expects us to do.

Meanwhile we are proceeding with the SVN upload, this should be done 
within the next 24h. From then on we will deactivate the SF CVS and 
continue to commit to the CN SVN. So please watch out that you


We will then also continue to review the code and finish off the list at:

I have already added some comments whenever I felt that something in the 
code is amiss. Until now I only found really minor issues. Some modules 
seem to be deprecated, we should remove them for 2.2.4 which is due 
around May 15th.

Feature freeze is on May 1st, so time is running out to get new stuff in!

Core developers,
PLEASE add yourself to the incubator list by sending an email to 
incubator-subscribe at and chime in on IRC whenever you 
are on doubt about how to proceed.

Yes I know. All of you got more important things to do but lets at least 
make people feel like we were are really into getting Mapbender through 
incubation with maximum effort.


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