Restructuring Wiki references to code modules

Leonhard Dietze dietze at
Mon Apr 24 10:05:57 EDT 2006



Wow, that looks quite good (deleteGui) - but as
you said it is more for technical users. As I am
not sure what the technical background of the
mapbender-users is I suggest to change the order
of your proposed structure: First the description
in german/english and then followed by the more
technical parts.
This also helps when I am searching for the right
module: You see a short description or at least
the beginning of it right when you search for
something and not the "Files"/"SQL" etc.

This would e.g. mean:
- English
- .. Details/Notices
- German
- .. Details/Notices
- References
- Files


Arnulf Christl schrieb:
> Hi,
> please comment on the proposed new structure of Wiki references to the
> code modules. As an example refer to this page:
> These Wiki links are currently added to all code modules as we go through
> the code cleaning and provenance review for OSGeo. Vice versa each Wiki
> page with refrence to one or more code modules contains a link to the SVN.
> That way both are connected via a URL. This probably allows for highest
> flexibility regarding future migrations. (All of this seems to be standard
> procedure in more techish Wikis like Confluence and thus we might even
> eventually eventulate to postulate a switchulate... but I am still
> reluctant to drop the additional features included with Mediawiki. But who
> am I. Huh? I don't hear anything... :-).
> This view on modules is somewhat more code centered and technical than it
> was before. It would first list the Code Repository link, then the GUI SQL
> followed by references and then a human readable description in English
> (mandatory) and other languages (optional). To standard non-techy users
> this would be less friendly. On the other hand, no standard user will
> bother to really read ZoomIn and DeleteGUI SQLs as they will never need to
> do that anyway.
> Comments?
> The following template is available at:
> == Files ==
> : Page Name)
> == SQL ==
> <html>
> <textarea>
> INSERT INTO gui_element(fkey_gui_id, ...;
> </textarea>
> </html>
> == References ==
> Links to related Wiki pages
> == English ==
> Description of the module
> === More Details === (optional)
> ==== Even more Details ==== (optional)
> === Notices === (optional)
> === Warnings === (optional)
> == [Other languages] == (optional)
> This is either a list of other pages with the same Wiki Page Name and
> trailing country code, for German language "_de"

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