loadWMC again - overview

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at ccgis.de
Wed Jul 26 04:02:41 EDT 2006

I saved a wmc with an area in nrw (epsg 31466)

then I opened the wmc in the gui2 (epsg 43126 - extent of the world)

- in the overview there is still the image of demis wolrd, but when I 
navigate in the overview I navigate in the extent of my nrw WMC.

Now the question is, which layer of the WMC should be loaded in the 

I would suggest to take the 1 Layer from the LayerList.

To make it more dynamik it would be good to have the possiblility to 
change the order of the Layers not only of the WMS before you save an 
WMC. This functionality is implemented in the portalu-project. I could 
ask for the code.


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