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Ulrich Rothstein uli.rothstein at ccgis.de
Mon Mar 13 16:08:22 EST 2006

Dear Alex,
sorry, I was not in the office for two weeks, so I could not answer your
Unfortunately we have no uml-model (or something like this) for the
mapbender classes. But most of the classes have no dependencies, except
class_gmlMember depends on class_geomColl. Other classes are working
'standalone' and handle the basic server-side jobs to put the xml-data
from getCapabilities-documents into the database, read the data from the
database and create the javascript-objects for example.
The api-functions are javascripts. The basic funtions to navigate maps and
manipulate the services and their layers you will find in the file
../mapbender/http/javascripts/map.php. The structure of the wms- and
layer-object you will find in the file:
The documentation is one of the next things which have to be done. But our
capacity is limited, so it would be great if someone could start with this
If you have to solve some specific problems, please let me know, I try to
help you.
Best regards

> Spanish......................
>   Hace unos dias, yo escribi esto...
>   Lo que yo deseo saber es si alguien dentro de la lista de distribucion o
>  sea alguna de las personas que usamos Mapbender a desarrollado algo
>  sobre la ingenieria de software del proyecto. O si por lo menos alguien
>  me puede explicar un poco sobre cada una de las clases usadas en la
>  implementacion del software, (Arnulf, yo creo que me puedes ayudar con
>  esa explicacion), quiero saber que tipo de clase es cada una si no es
>  mucho pedir, o sea si una clase es una clase de interfaz, o una clase de
>  control, o una clase entidad, yo no se si estaran muy familiarizados con
>  estos terminos pero son terminos de ingenieria informatica y lo que
>  necesito es un panorama sobre el proyecto Mapbender.Ser�de ayuda
>  tambien saber como son las relaciones entre estas clases o sea como se
>  relacionan las clases entre ellas.
>  Arnulf te agradezco tu ayuda sobre las cosas que he preguntado antes,
>  igual agradezco al resto de las personas de la lista.
>   Arnulf me respondió lo siguiente
>   Hola,
> me parece que es mejor mover esta discucion a la lista devel, espero que
> vamos a obtener unas respuestas alli. Un problema es que Uli tiene
> vacaciones, el probablemente sabe lo que buscas.
>   Ulrich  me puedes ayudar o alguien puede ayudarme?
> English...
>   Some days ago, I wrote this...
>  What I want to know is if somebody inside the distribution list that is
>  to say some of people that we use Mapbender had developed something on
>  the engineering of software of the project. Or if at least somebody can
>  explain to me a little on each one of the classes used in the
>  implementation of the software, (Arnulf, I believe that you can help me
>  with that explanation), I want to know that class type is each an if it
>  is not a lot to request, that is to say if a class is an interface
>  class, or a control class, or a class entity, me not you if they will be
>  very familiarized with these terms but they are terms of computer
>  engineering and what I need is a panorama on the project Mapbender.It
>  would be also of help to know like they are the relationships among
>  these classes that is to say like they are related the classes among
> them.
>  Arnulf thanks you your help on the things that I have asked before,
>  equal I thank to the rest of people of the list.
>   Arnulf responded me the following thing
> Hi,
> we probably better move this discussion to the devel list, I think we
> wll get some answers there. One problem might be that Uli currently is
> on holidays - he will best know what you are looking for.
>   Can Ulrich help me or can somebody help me?
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